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Sarah’s own company, featuring her as a solo artist and duo work with her partner David Matz, in Roue Cyr, Aerial, Hand to hand, and Unicycle Adagio.


Sarah has a diverse background in various martial arts as well as a strong background in tumbling and acrobatics that lend to her proficiency as a stunt performer.


Cyr Wheel has quickly become Sarah’s primary apparatus as her strength and fluidity make her a natural at it.  But Sarah also loves to explore all aspects and disciplines of the circus world in her quest to innovate, create, and make the impossible look easy.  Whether it’s bungees, stilts, unicycle, silks, hand to hand, lyra, […]


Sarah grew up dancing as she could never hold still.  From tap to jazz to ballet to modern to ballroom to breaking to hiphop, Sarah enjoys learning how to use her body to create living art and is always synthesizing to create something new and striking.